like "studying" logos?

At the website Brand New they do case studies of different corporate logo redesigns (such as Holiday Inn, Toys R Us, etc) and allow commenting about the redesign.
While all information is subjective and opinion-driven, it does provide some learning about the redesign process as well as some ruthless criticism!


hoops of hope - redesign

Just last week I did a little redesign on the Hoops of Hope shirts that all Hoops of Hope participants will receive this year... my friend Kurt Johnston had a cool blog post about Hoops of Hope last week, click here to read it.


featured project: first calvary

I have been working with Kevin Massey on a new look for the First Calvary Baptist Church in lovely South Carolina.
The team at First Calvary were looking for a contemporary logo that would complement the magnificent older church building but not look outdated. They were also excited about incorporating a stand-alone icon that they could use on all different types of media. We are getting down to the fine print at the end of the design concept and I thought I would show you a couple of options we currently have. Enjoy!

We have other samples of Logo Design at our Portfolio Page at sartidesign.com


the firey update

Things have settled down here a little in the last 24hrs, the fire is sill raging, but not so close to our house anymore. The lake right next to our house had 4 different helicopters draining water from it all day from 9 - 5pm, with a helicopter flying 100ft above our house, rattling the windows every two minutes, all day! I am happy that they had the right conditions to work in, but the noise was unbearable and worked down the road at the church for most of the day.
It's 11:00pm here and I just ducked my head outside as there were plenty of helicopters right above our house, it turns out it was all the 11pm news-crew helicopters and they took off right at 11:30pm. As I was outside the fire was glowing bright, so I grabbed the camera and tripod and took a few shots from right outside our driveway. Looking at the photos, the fire was actually on the closer mountain ridge last nigt. Here are some shots of the fire, as well as the helicopters in the morning.

This last shot was taken with a 300mm zoom lens from about 6 miles (10kms) from the actual fire... that makes those some big flames!


nature's design

Been trying to work today, but with a big fire just a mile or so away, I haven't been feeling too creative... here are some pics from our neighborhood.


Photoshop for Ministry?!

I was down in San Diego at the YS Conference this weekend, and as I was looking through the comprehensive list of seminars I noticed one that was titled something like "Creating Sermon Outlines in 9.5 minutes using Photoshop"... by a teacher who has a company called Photoshop for Ministry

Have you ever used these guys for teaching Photoshop? Did you go to the seminar at YS?
I would have poked my head in there but I had my kids with me the whole time... not good for seminars!


sartidesign OPEN SOURCE?!

This last week I have been thinking about opening up the archives at sartidesign and having some designs available as Open Source Photoshop and Illustrator files to people in ministry.

Is this something you or your church would be interested in downloading and utilizing in your ministry?

If you were already a client of sartidesign, how would you feel about your design being made available for other churches to tweak and customize for their ministry?

Obviously I wouldn't make really recent work available on Open Source, it would be at least a year old to honor the clients who paid for the original customized work, but I feel it is the right thing to do to have ministries share their resources.

I'll keep you updated on this thought process as far as legalities, willingness, and interest. If you are wondering how this would function, check out LifeChurch.tv's OPEN.


hiv/aids youth summit

I just completed this "email blast" design for the HIV/AIDS Youth Summit on December 1st... you can view the full promotion by clicking here

Did you know that your church can host this event live via simulcast for free?
This would be a great event for students interested in Social Justice and making a difference in this world. You can sign your church up for this event here


catalystic thoughts

Just thought I would share some random thoughts I wrote down during Catalyst... Need me to expand on any? Just let me know and I'll do my best!

On Leadership:
Will people be stunned by my humility?
I am a leader so that I can 1-add value to people 2-grow in value 3-relate to what other people value 4-do the things that God values

On Work:

Job Misery is affected by three things: Anonymity, Irrelevance, and Immeasurement
I need to be able to measure for myself HOW I am doing What I am doing.
Work is more fulfilling when you know you are making a difference in someone's life.

On Money:
We are called to manage dangerous things for the glory of God.
I need to act my wage
Things aren't good when I have too much month left at the end of my money!

On Living:
Sermons don't create behaviors
Cool environments don't create behaviors
Systems create behaviors



Last week at Catalyst the people at SermonSpice released a brand new media presentation software called "SpiceRack".
I thought you should know about it, you can view the website here

Here is what I know...
-It's FREE!
-You can run it in single or dual screen
-You can only run it on Windows XP

Here is what I don't know...
-What kind of support you are going to get for a free product
-The system requirements to have it running
-How user friendly the interface is

If you have downloaded SpiceRack and are using it, please let us know your thoughts!


heard about the ECHO conference?!

If you are looking for a conference for church leaders that love using media, technology and the internet to be more effective in sharing God's story then you might be interested in this new conference offering called the ECHO Conference

The conference website site hasn't launched just yet, but I can tell you that the conference will be August 14-16, 2008 at Watermark Community Church in beautiful Dallas, TX.

Thought you should know!



thoughts on creativity

I have been reading a book by a friend Mark Cullen lately and loved this little list about the principles creativity...

- We are created "in the image" of a creative God. Our creativity is a gift from Him
- All people have a capacity for truth, goodness, beauty and creativity
- These capacities can and should be cultivated
- The proper use of our creativity glorifies God
- God-glorifying creativity reflects truth, beauty, and order
- Creativity and beauty exist to glorify God
- Creativity is not inherently good or evil, it can be used as a tool for either.
- Creativity, like love, requires expression. In fact, it exists only in expression
- The expression of creativity, like truth, goodness and beauty, needs no justification
- Beauty is valuable to God regardless of utility



I am out here in Hotlanta at Catalyst, hoping I could do a little live-blogging during the conference, but getting a wi-fi signal has been rough, so it's simply an update!
On the plane I got to read the inaugrual isuue of Collide Magazine (from the guys at WorshipHouseMedia). Thought it was laid out great, had some great articles and look forward to each new issuse coming out in the future.
Day 1 of Catalyst was really great, learning lots, relearning plenty, being inspiried, meeting some old friends... all capped off with dinner with Uncle Rick!
More stories to come, until then... enjoy some sweet tea.


going to Catalyst?!

This year at Catalyst Sarti Design won't be represented in the vendor area, but myself and lovely wife Jana can be seen making cameos at the Chick-Fil-A across the road from the Gwinnett Center, and avoiding unwanted freebies from people trying to obtain our email address (my email is stevejobs@mac.com).
But seriously if you see us around (1 in 10,000 chance I know), just yell at us, we'd love to meet you/catch up!