from the archives: chi alpha stanford

Today I want to highlight a design that was done way back in the early days of Sarti Design (the Year of our Lord 2003).
The Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at Stanford University were looking for a printed promotional piece that highlighted their on-campus ministry.
The goal was to infuse elements of the campus with snapshots of students in the ministry using attractive colors with easily viewable text.
Even after almost five years, I look back at this piece and still think it communicated very well!


coming soon: sd stills volume 4

It's been a long time coming, but we are coming close to wrapping up the SD Stills Volume 4 project and unleashing it on the world! We are very excited about this new set of backgrounds that will help ministries communicate visually.
Below I have pulled a couple of samples for you to check out and use in your ministry.
Simply click on them to open them in full size, and then save them to your Desktop.

CLICK HERE to view or purchase previous volumes of SD Stills.


now available: alter a la carte

Our good friends over at Simply Youth Ministry now have Sarti Design's ALTER VIDEOS available for individual download (or what the French call "a la carte")!
Click Here to check these out at the SYM site.


featured project: serrano hills church

The Objective: Create an identity for a new church in beautiful Tustin, CA (Jana Sarti’s favorite city in the world).

The team at Serrano Hills church were looking for a casual feel for their design that incorporated hills in the icon in a creative way. They were looking for modern colors and a typeface that was bold, but slightly distressed.

Below are some examples of logo’s created during the process, as well as the finished product!


student leadership: the backdrop project

the concept: create an interactive backdrop that students would:
a) have a part in creating
b) that would decorate the stage during the conference
c) be a "take-home" piece at the end of the conference

The best way to make this happen would be using separate canvases that students could paint, then be hung, then take home. So, I created a design that would use 72 2ftx2ft canvases, that would stretch 36ft across stage and would be 8ft tall. The church already had some "flats" which would be a "fake wall" that all the canvases would be hung on. After creating the design, I sliced it up into 72 different parts, then printed out each individual piece on 8.5x11 paper (3 times smaller than the actual canvas). Below is a rendering of what I hoped the final design would look like!

the students: at registration for the conference each group would be given a picture of one of the pieces to the backdrop, then a few students from each group would come and see me and I would get them set up to paint their canvas. As each student started painting they knew that it would be part of a backdrop, but had no idea what the "big picture" would look like. It was a crazy couple of hours managing the painting, watching some kids get totally into it, and others just slapping some paint on!
As paintings began drying I had about an hour to ID all the paintings according to a pre-designed grid I had made, then organize them correctly in order to bring them into the conference venue, then hang them all up on stage while Doug Fields was speaking. Below are some pics from students' painting.

the finished product: I never even got a look at the finished product until it had been hung up on stage. I was really happy with how the students got into this project and the end result actually resembled the original artwork somewhat! The added bonus was that none of them fell off while I was hanging all 72 on stage in front of 800 people! Below are some pics of the finished product.

the take-home: during the final session of the conference during communion students' were invited to come to the front and take home a piece of artwork as a reminder of what they had learned during the week. It was really cool to experience, and I loved being part of this project! Below are some pics of the take-home process.

If you have any questions about this project, just leave a comment on the blog and I'll get back to you...

Note: Various pictures courtesy of the PICS Ministry at Saddleback Church


Secret Project Sneak-Peek - Part 2

Well, for those of you that were at the PDYM Student Leadership Conference this isn't much of a sneak-peek, but as I compile the photos and put the project time-line together visually, I'll offer another pic... it may not make sense... now... but it will soon.

Answer to a Question

I came across an article in relevant Magazine with artist Brice McCasland.
(Props: to view his website)http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif
I really liked the way he answered a particular question. The question was, "What impact do you hope your art has?"
His answer... "My hope is that my artwork would communicate the ongoing tale of God. I want each work to convey relevance and purpose every time someone starts to piece it's meaning together... my hope is that people would see the depth and incommunicable threads of God in everything we are, fall short of and experience."

My thoughts on the impact of my work? What he said.


Secret project sneak-peek

For PDYM Student Leadership Conference 07 I have been creating a number of different pieces... the biggest of all is the stage project... I can't give too much away, but it involves 72 2ftx2ft canvas, a bunch of paint, student involvement, and some fingers crossed that it'll be spectacular! Below are a couple of sneak-peek pictures during the creation process...