wednesday thoughts

A collection of blog-worthy thoughts and such!
- True story, the other week I was at a restaurant and the waiter said to me "the sauteed bananas are off the hook!" Seriously, who says that? What's the weirdest thing a waiter ever said to you about the food they serve?

- Found out Fox is doing some 24-esque webisodes with a new character called "The Rookie", complete with 24 film crew and musical score - it's pretty cool and you can see it at http://www.fox.com/24/degreerookie/index.htm

- Tomorrow (we hope) Jana and I are excited to welcome baby Lola into this world! Plenty of pictures to follow, I am sure, as well as a lieftime of love.


featured project: PDYM Conference Notebook

I have jjust finished this years' notebook for PDYM conferences and the first regional conference was this weekend just gone... I really liked the "cool" temperature of the front cover!


featured project: PDCM'08

I have been working on the different design elements for PDCM'08 (Saddleback Church Children's Ministry Conference) for a while now, creating the original logo, t-shirts, frisbees, and even a circular die-cut promo card... we have now moved on to advertising for the conference and have just launched this look inside the CMS of SaddlebackResources.com
Click Here for more info about the conference


watched by millions: hoops of hope

Last Saturday, just before tip-off of the UCLA v Memphis Final Four NCAA Basketball game CBS featured a 12-minute documentary on Austin Gutwein and Hoops of Hope.
If you didn't see it, you need to stop, take 12 minutes off and watch this...
Hoops of Hope - Pt.1
Hoops of Hope - Pt.2
This feature was narrated by Ashley Judd and was seen by nearly 11 million viewers last Saturday! Warning: you may want to grab a tissue before playing the video.

Sarti Design has been proud to partner with Hoops of Hope since it's inception - creating their logo, marketing pieces, shirts and other creative aspects.
We look forward to continuing our partnership with Hoops of Hope in 2008 and well into the future!


workin' hard

I have been toiling away at not one, but two projects that are over 40 pages long in this last week, and haven't been able to save a lot of time for things of blog worthiness.

Here is one little entry to keep you going 'til next week when I am back in the swing of things...
Last weekend I had to drive to Northern California, and on the way driving on the 5 in Castaic, I noticed a hotel on the side of the freeway that had a large LED screen advertising key words and rates and such. The screen read "Romantic".
OK, so if you have to advertise that your hotel is romantic, then it probably isn't.
And, even if it was, and you were taking your wife there and she read "Romantic" on the sign, your stay there probably won't be romantic. Lesson over.


in progress: a catalog

Been working hard on this project all week, thought I would give you a peek at what I have been up to (below).

Favorite Photoshop tools for this project:
Polygonic Lassoo Tool
Magnetic Lassoo Tool
Quick Selection Tool