pictures from the road

Below are some pics from a family vacation up to the Napa Valley area in California!


branded: pdym

Just finished extending the Purpose Driven Youth Ministry 2008 Collection, with the revision of the Student Ministry Logo and PDYM Regional Conferences logo.

As we were refining these designs, our goal was to create two designs that were distinctly different, but that had a few common variables so that you could tell they were related! Cousins, but not kissing cousins.

You can find more info about both of these events at pdymblog.com


some photos from the road

Cruising through Northern Arizona (Sedona), thought I would share some pics from the road!


living on the edge - christmas style

Looking for a discount on some leadership resources?
I just finished this little design for some Christmas discounts from LOTE.org
You can check out the sale here


featured project: coastland tampa

We are just putting the final touches on this logo design, and will soon be applying this to some collateral for the Identity Package... I'll be sure to show you the whole Identity Package put together once it is completed...


featured project: storm student church

Just finished on this branding project for Storm Student Church in Mcallen, TX.
It's not often I work with red, green, and blue in a design, but felt the colors balanced out the type nicely!


"I can do that in my sleep"

You know that old term " I could do that in my sleep"?
Apparently it is true, as I can be humorous in my sleep.
Here is how my wife recalled it (I can't remember, I was asleep)
Jana (waking me up): "Leigh you're dreaming."
Leigh (in my sleep): "I know, I'm McDreamy"

Then I went back to my dream. I can tell jokes in my sleep.


christmas card design

I was looking to do something a little different for our family Christmas card this year... after some inspiration from Flight of the Conchords, I came up with this little design below!