feature project: Grow Wall

The idea for this wall was a graphic representation for Discipleship. The plasma TV was going to be a fixture, so the design had to be weaved in and around the TV. The idea was to integrate the TV into the trunk of a tree and then have the growth branches coming out of the sides and top of the TV.
For the actual application on the wall I had a painter come in and paint the tree and background on the wall, then the words were designed as a decal that was applied... the final touch was a frame I made from an old fence that had it's color blend with the trunk. Playing on the TV is a whole range of looping growth and discipleship images (it is a TV/DVD combo).
Add a nice red chair and a coffee table and presto, a wall design!


feature project: Shape For Ministry Wall

This was a "last-minute" project that covered a wall area and wrapped around an elevator!
The goal for this wall was to tell the story of a high-school girl who had found her niche in serving, then encourage others to follow her lead.
I used a little texture on the wall to set it apart, but kept with the main colors of the building with the texture color. I didn't want to waste the space above the elevator, but it was too high for the body text , so I just "bit into" that area a little to utilize the space.
Megan (the story subject) was kind enough to meet us in person at the Refinery and ironically enough I actually took her picture in the exact same spot that she was life-size on the design!
Thanks Megan for your story, I hope it touches others and encourages them to find their shape for serving others.


feature project: Hoops of Hope Wall

The Refinery Student Ministry Building has now officially opened at Saddleback Church and I had the privilege of designing a number of different "feature walls" in the building... I am going to blog about these in the coming week.
The first wall I wanted to feature is the "Hoops of Hope Wall".
The goal for this wall was to tell the basic story of Hoops of Hope, make it eye-catching, and also educate people about how you can get involved.
-We told the story using two mediums, the text on the wall, and through a 12 minute CBS feature on Hoops of Hope looped on the DVD player.
-We made it eye-catching using a few 3D elements such as a fully size mounted basketball hoop, spacers on the info poster and the DVD player.
-We made it educational and current by creating a 24x36 interchangeable poster that highlights the current years' events. This way the information can stay relevant as well as flexible.


officially geeky (i think)

I am keeping up with a Gizmodo LiveBlog of the WWDC to hear the announcement of the new iPhone. Does this make me more geeky or more like an anxious new iPhone purchaser?! (or both)


featured project: summer spectacular

This is a project I am still putting different finishing touches on - the direction was a "kid-friendly" art direction, with movement and excitement... this is just part of a big picture design including shirts, name-badges, posters and set-design.