where am i at 8am on Friday, July 11th

To those familiar with the world of Mac you think that I would be at an Apple store in a lovely line waiting to pick up my new iPhone 3G.
Well, the truth is at 7:15am I drove down to the local AT&T store thinking maybe there were a few Apple geeks in line, surely all the hardcore ones lined up for the first iPhone and wouldn't be so excited about this new release.
Apparently I was wrong.
There was a line of nearly 100 people at the tiny At&T store on El Toro Rd... not lined up at a sexy Apple store, but in sleeping bags outside the form of the Petco which is where the line snakes around to as it builds.
Needless to say I am at Corner Bakery, about 500 yards away, enjoying free wireless, a couch, a coffee and a cinnamon roll.
The truth is I love convenience more than a new gadget. I don't know if this is a good character trait or not, only time will tell.
I figure, hey I've waited this long, I can wait another day or two. I'll keep you posted. Back to my cinnamon roll before it gets cold.

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Being Brazen said...

Hectic, thats alot of people waiting to get a new phone. I havent seen the i-phone in "real life" yet. Hope you enjoy yours.