taking flight - part two

Had the chance again this weekend to take a flight around the l.a. area... this time our destination was Santa Monica Municipal Airport, which took us on a flight path around downtown LA, over Dodger Stadium and on the way home we took a special flight path corridor right over the top of LAX which was very cool. Oh, and we made it back alive! Below are some pics...

Flying over Dodger Stadium (sorry, bad shot!)

Looking over the 101 and Hollywood Hills

Bad Guys Van and getaway plane from the 70's?

Plane of choice, the Cessna N51515

Santa Monica Pier just after take-off

Santa Monica looking toward Malibu

Santa Monica Airport on the foreground looking east

LAX from overhead


Julie Hibbard said...

My goodness...Dodger Stadium is beautiful from every angle isn't it!

Alli Hibb said...

TOTALLY a bad guy van!