favorites of nyc - day 1

A real highlight in the NYC on Day 1 of this trip was going to the new(ish) Apple store on 59th Street & 5th Avenue. The place was an absolute zoo and I couldn't get within 10ft of a computer, but the entrance (spiral stairs) and layout was sweet. It could be the Apple Mecca, or iMecca.
But the TRUE highlight was to be found at the Wollman Ice Rink in Central Park. It was one man, we called him Kelmscott Kevin, with track pants, a necklace, and mullet to match. He didn't just skate, he excerskated. He had a great leg-lift (as you can see below) and just once pulled out a move we called "the corkscrew" where he shimmied his leg around. It was totally unnecessary and beautiful at the same time.

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neely mcqueen said...

that guy is awesome...he's got some great skill.