yes, i know christmas is over

I took down the Christmas lights, and the Christmas tree is on the side of the road, waiting to be picked up with the garbage tomorrow... I even bought discount Christmas paraphernalia at Home Depot. So, I figure it's time to highlight a couple of Christmasey (sp?) designs.

This first design was for a Children's themed Christmas series. I actually ripped all the paper myself and shot the background before applying the text and trimmings. The white space had to be right to allow the theme to breathe through the design, and a real "blocky" font had to be used so that the title didn't get lost in the background.

This second design was for an adult audience, focusing on the Gifts of Christmas. USing the B&W picture method with the red present box was a simple and classy way to help communicate the theme, without getting caught up with too many other design elements.

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