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featured project: hoops of hope

I know I have featured different work done for them in the past, but I love this organization, and doing promotional work for them is also fun, knowing the I can help make a difference alongside them...
The design below is an small 4x6 promo to get in the hands of youth leaders, helping educate them about the basics of Hoops of Hope, as well as be a hook for them to get their students involved.


cincinnati hi-lo

Hi - the cool stage with soft lighting (thought the middle video projectors needed calibrating) and Timmy T. Timmons rockin' it on the acuostic.

Lo - the dreary view of the Cincy from our dreary hotel, complete with foggy windows!


leigh from cincinnati: part 2

I admit, I haven't really been able to take in much of the conference, as compared to the regular conference attender. I did get to catch the most part of the Friday Night General Session and can be seen at various times of the day wandering the convention center halls with a 1 & 3 year old!
Here are a couple of observations as I go about my day...

-Group has done a really good job with signage this year. All the rooms for breakouts and other sessions are super-clear, with engaging graphics, colors, and easy to read typefaces. Sure it seems like something like that should be a no-brainer, but think how many times you've been "lost" wandering around different conferences in the past!

-I am not sure if this is intentional or not, but all the vendors for the various ministries and organizations have not been accosting me as I walk the halls. This is a sigh of relief as opposed to other exhibitors at conferences. And it's not just because I have kids with me, I have taken them places in the past and they end up with more crap/marketing propganda than I can fit in the stroller!

-The stage are in the main conference meeting area is very warm with colors and lighting, and nice and open so that if you sit on the side you don't feel left out. I would have liked to see it a little higher, but it works really good and suits the conversational climate they are looking to create for the conference.

-I thought Tony Dungy did a great job chatting last night... it was super simple, straight forward and suited his character. If he had come in and been over-excited, over-charismatic and sensationalistic it just would have seem forced. He kept to himself, and I admire him for being himself in the first place!

-Someone put a kink in the ethernet cable that runs into Cincinnati. It took 10hrs to download an episode of LOST on iTunes!

-I am looking forward to Jake's latest rap-video tonight. I love song, I love creative song, and love Jake's creativity.... I'll let you know my thoughts later (like as if they count for anything!)


leigh fron cincinnati - part 1

We finally pulled into the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Airport about 7:30pm local time.

For those wondering, the 16 month old boy (Leighton) did great. On the first flight he was busy, but funny and not too loud. The second flight was one of those tiny jets, 3 seats to each row. Three things happened. 1) he tore off part of the little pamphlet explaining what to do in an emergency. I am glad we didn't go down, as I was missing crucial info from this pamphlet. 2) he fell asleep before take-off and woke-up just before landing. Perfect! 3) i forgot we were in a miniature plane and had him on my lap, lifted him up to adjust positioning and slammed his head on the overhead bins. Everyone looked around, some were in shock, some laughed (Jana). he didn't even flinch.

It was snowy, rainy, and frozen cold in Cincinnati when we got there. There was a shortage of taxis because of the terrible road conditions. Icy, dangerous. We didn't even get out of the airport before seeing someone in a rental car already crashed up over the curb on a turn. I laughed, because it was my favorite rental car, the Chevy HHR. Later that night, talking to Jake and Josh I laughed even more, as it turns out it was actually those guys who crashed up on the curb. This could be a combination of slippery roads, California driver and HHR.

Wow, a great start to the Cincinnati Adventure. Tomorrow I will blog about the Millenium Hotel, with the wireless internet speed of the year 1999.



Our whole family is going to be at the NYMC in Cincinnati this weekend (starting tomorrow). Jana (my wife) is going to be speaking at a couple of workshops as well as doing a live podcast with Doug Fields & Friends! I will be blogging here and there at the National Youth Ministry Conference. Some of my topics may or may not include:
-the American cultural hotbed city of Cincinnati
-taking a 16-month old boy on an airplane from Orange County to Cincinnati, via Houston
-design opinions of the mainstage/conference area/notebook
-more opinions on vendors and products available
-random digital camera images from indoors (it's too cold there outside)
-taking a 16-month old boy back on an airplane to Orange County from Cincinnati, via Houston


pics from Kauai

I had a great time getting up early in Kauai (because of the time-change it was really easy!) and making the most of the morning light and great weather. You can view the entire collection of holiday images here.
If you are wanting to get prints of any of these before I put them up for sale on iStock, let me know, they can go up to 16x20.



back from blogcation

Took a little blogcation/vacation for the last week... in beautiful Hanalei Bay.
Some highlights included:
Java Kai Coffee Shop
Watching big-wave surfers getting towed in and out by jet-ski
Early morning photography
Catching up with some old friends
Seeing Bethany Hamilton catch a few waves at Pinetrees

I have a bunch of pics I will upload to my site later this week!


featured project: generous conference

I just finished this featured project for the upcoming Generous Church Summit on Feb 11-12 in Atlanta, GA.
I loved the purpose of the summit, so it was fun as a designer to take that and create a look based on the theme. I was able to take the (self-named) "generosity bucket-splash" and work it through the conference notebook, multimedia, and other elements.

i like this church website

I was checking out this church's website last week - the church is located in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia.
I was impressed with it's "image-first" approach to navigation and it creates excitement in a fresh way. Just thought I would share it with you.
Here is a link to the actual site: http://riverviewchurch.com.au/